An authentic taste of Sicily

Made using the best Sicilian “blonde” oranges, all of which are grown organically, Galvanina Sparkling Orange stands out thanks to its intense flavor, which is all thanks to the sunshine of Sicily and the breeze off the Mediterranean Sea.

Galvanina Sparkling Orange also contains citrus pulp, which provides this soft drink with great texture, giving it a note of maturity.

This characteristic elevates Galvanina Sparkling Orange beyond its role as a refreshing drink, ensuring it also plays a key role as a fundamental ingredient in modern mixology, for alcoholic or alcohol-free drinks.

Visual impact: “blonde” by definition, elegant, light but full-bodied.

Olfactory impact: initially delicate, with an intense aftertaste.

Mixability: ideal for mixing with clear spirits, aperitifs and liqueurs. Perfect mixer for traditional aperitifs and long drinks.